China stamps are HOT ?

Looks like China Mao stamps are Hotter.

When stamps are FORGED?

1) If it an ERROR stamp such as 1918 Inverted Jenny from USA, which was only 1 sheet of 100 stamp available in the world, which was sold for two million dollar for block of 4.
2) If very limited quantity printed such as 1948 Gandhi 10 Rupees SERVICE stamps from India, which was only printed 100 (or 200) which was sold for $200,000 in 2012.

99% of this seller cannot afford this stamp because of it's value and those who can afford it for them it does not make sense to invest money in that kind of rarity stamps.

So in order to fulfill needs of other collectors so then can fill the space in their album or exhibit, replica is sold and they are happy with that.

Following are some REPLICA stamps from China which are also known as FORGERY, but seller is selling as replica and it's is sold at very nominal price so collector can fill the space in their album.

But now looking to following screenshot this Mao stamps (Genuine) are available in plenty so why replica stamps.?

Either it is not very limited like Gandhi Service stamp or Inverted Jenny or they are selling forged stamps as Genuine stamps. 

Let me make sure I am not expert so this is my personal view or opinion which I am expressing as freedom of speech. I am no way to judge that following are FORGED stamps as seller is not mentioning it.

But look at value it is selling for $3500 - $2800 - $2200 - $1600 -$900....

Don't you see similar stamps above which are selling for 500 - 100 time less than following.


Total of $65000.!! in a 60-90 days.!! Now we know why eBay stock is going UP. They get good commission from this sale around $4000 -$5000 including PayPal.


Do you think China stamps or Mao stamps is the future of investment which will turn your $3000 to $10000 in next 3-5 years.?

Do you think PRC Mao stamps of Poem, Directives of Mao stamps will be keep rising in value.?

Do you think China stamps are for investment.?

You need to decide as you have to pay for it.


Overprint stamps

Following OVERPRINT stamps from China are all forgery. It is selling as replica FAKE China Overprint stamp.

Don't know when this Overprint stamps from PRC were issued.

It's very easy to overprint stamps by using latest technology in printing.

Some looks like it's using India money or British India money. (Annas).

This is similar to India Oveprint stamps from Princely states during British India with all states names on it such as Gwalior, Nabha state, Jhind state, Chamba states. 

Also lot of overprint stamp with Gandhi SERVICE overprint from India along with British India stamps of King George, King Edward and Queen Victoria.

China Overprint stamp

Looks like it's Genuine China overprint stamp, but it's a forgery, but it's selling as Fake Replica  China Overprint stamp.

But look out you might get this same stamp as Genuine selling on eBay so beware of all kinds of OVERPRINT stamp.!!

It's very nicely printed, with perfect perf.!!! Also overprint are done very good.

This is all possible because of latest technology in printing and you don't need too much investment to print it.!!


Directives of Mao's stamps

 Mao instructions stamps or Directives of Mao's Tse-Tung stamps used with rubber stamp of China.!!

Do you think this is really USED stamps or Forgery?

Following screenshot is from eBay where 5 stamps of Directives of Mao's instructions stamps was sold for $2325.

Mao Tse-Tung Poem stamps

After looking to following set of 14 Mao poem stamps, to me Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, was writing poem as hobby.

Compare following 2 screenshots and you will be surprised the difference in the price of Mao Tse-Tsung poem stamps or  Poems of Chairman Mao China 1967 stamps, Mao poem stamps of china. 

One is selling as Replica or copy stamps or not real where as other is selling as if it is Genuine.

 I compare both and to me it looks like it similar with nothing difference.

Only difference is price for Mao Tse-Tsung poem stamps or Poems of Chairman Mao, China 1967 PRC of  Mao poem.

One is selling for $15 and one sold for $3550.

Mao's instruction stamps

Following are forgery  stamps of Mao Zedong.  It is selling as Replica or copy stamps of Mao.

It has Mao's instruction on stamps.

Now look at selling price of Mao stamps which are selling as Genuine and selling for $8168.