China Peking Red Revenue overprint stamps

Recently I saw China rare base stamp with overprint for sell for $6400.!!

Do you really think China Peking Red Revenue overprint stamps is genuine stamp and it's worth this much ?

There are lot of ways to make money from internet, but none of them will make you rich faster than by cheating in stamp collection.

You can make money on internet by doing tutoring or by writing blog or by selling photographs but STAMP collection will make lot of money in very short time.!!

This don't require lot of effort to build your reputation for doing tutoring or writing blog or selling photographs.

Only thing you need is to buy replica or facsimile stamp and start selling as genuine.!!

Or you can print it your self.

Following are some of the facismile stamp selling under $5.

Just buy it and sell it for $6400!! as rare stamps.!!

So what do you think about this facisimile or replica stamps.

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So after reading above blog post what do you think about China Peking Red Revenue overprint stamps

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