China PRC 1968 stamp - 1020-24 Streifen Eckstück, postfrisch - How to make money on China stamp collection.

How to make money on China stamp.

It's very easy to make money by selling REPLICA stamp as genuine stamp and you will make lot of money.

It will be very hard for someone to even notice that this are not genuine stamps. Let see one of the example of China PRC 1968 stamp - 1020-24 Mao poem  Streifen Eckstück, postfrisch

Following is REPLICA or FACSIMILE stamp of China PRC 1968 stamp - 1020-24  Streifen Eckstück, postfrisch selling for $15.

If seller don't mention it is FAKE stamp then no will make any difference in China PRC 1968 stamp.

Now if you see following screenshot you will be surprised how much money you can make by selling China 1968 stamp - 1020-24  Streifen Eckstück, postfrisch

The 1968 China PRC stamp you saw above were sold for $4000 - $1000.!!

YES it was sold.!!

Don't you think you can pull this out if you buy above replica stamp and able to sell it.!!

collectabiilio  from Greece sold for $4049
kennystamp   sold for $2155
bozzystamps sold for $1647
hutlford1954 sold for $1000.

Let me make sure I don't know whether following are Genuine stamps or REPLICA because it's very hard to give opinion also by just looking on computer screen.!!

So let's assume they are genuine and genuine eBay transactions.

It's lot of money for eBay shareholders because they will be getting huge commission on eBay/PayPal fees. According to me it will be around $600 -$1000 just for commission for eBay if this transactions are genuine.

Yes genuine transaction if

1) Buyer paid to seller
2) If seller and buyer mutually withdraw transaction
3) No shill bidding or Fake bidding.

Following  available for sell for $8000 and $3000!! 

Also there are 5 offers and 23 watching.!!

Do you think there is lot of interest after looking this offers.!!!

But chances are this offers might be FAKE too.!! Because anyone can make offer as you don't need any deposit to bid it.!!

Don't you think it's attempting to make money by selling REPLICA as genuine.!!

I think so.

Also chances of getting  caught is impossible because no one cares about stamps.

If it was GUCCI purse or RayBan Glasses or Burberry perfumes or Rolex watch that companies will take action with eBay and Police, but here no one cares.!!

I am not telling you to do this cheating but making you think what are possibilities when you buy stamps.

It does not make sense to collect stamps because you will get replica stamps!!!

So BEWARE what are you buying and what are you collecting.!!


IMPERF stamp error - China and India stamps are HOT?

Do you really think following China IMPERF stamp sheet is ERROR ? 

1939 孫中山 China Dr SUN YAT-SEN Error on $5 IMPERF Sheet with OFFSET VIGNETTE

I have doubt about this error stamp because we had seen lot of forgery stamp when there is high demand which is created artificially through SHILL bidding.

This is specially true for Gandhi stamps of India, British India stamps and stamps of China as it is falsely glorified that China and India stamps are HOT.

Look at the following screenshot from Gandhi Stamp club and you decide what is this "1939 孫中山 China Dr SUN YAT-SEN Error on $5 IMPERF Sheet with OFFSET".

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British India QV  Queen Victoria 1854 stamp sheet available as forgery.


Gandhi IMPERF stamps.


We had seen this in  Gandhi stamp collection, were everyone think they are smarter than other.!!! Do you think this apply to CHINA stamp also.

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Now does it make sense to collect stamps after looking above blog posts?

Now if you compare all of the 3 screen shot don't you think you can make money by selling stamps?

I think so.

Want to learn how to make money by selling stamps then click following links to read about it and become rich.!!

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Mao Stamps - China Stamps.