Chinese stamps cover ?

Are this Genuine or Forgery cover.?

Genuine means really send.

Forgery means just making forged rubber stamps of chinese post office and apply to forged stamps?
Following is screenshot from eBay with Chinese stamps cover, which include stamps of Mao, Mao Poem and lot of others.

Think twice before you buy any CHINESE stamps because there are lot of replica available.

I think only replica is available in market.!!


China Monkey stamp

China Monkey stamp used on forgery postcard.

Look at following screenshot and you will be surprised that entire postcard is replica.!!

This postcard has fake stamps (reprinted or replica or facsimile stamps) and also cancellation (rubber stamp) is forgery.

If you can print stamps and perforate stamp than it is very easy to make rubber stamp also.

So if they can make this kind of philatelic material then they can forged any philatelic material whether it is from India or UK or Nigeria or South Africa or any other countries in world.

When stamps are glorified by SHILL bidding or by not paying to seller, but you don't know all the gimmicks played in philatelic selling and you will think  INVESTMENT in CHINA stamp is great opportunity and then this kind of material will be in demand.

Here seller mentioned it that it's replica but what are chances of this postcard selling as Genuine.?


Mao stamp cover to Germany. Is it Genuine ?

We all had seen lot of forgery of Mao stamps.

To me there are only forgery stamps selling as replica or facsimile.

What are chances of that replica or facsimile stamps used on following cover with forgery or bogus (don't exist) rubber stamp?

Is it possible?

I think it's possible. We all had seen this not only in Mao stamps but various stamps from India as well as other countries.

Do you think $338 is genuine price.!!

What do I mean by Genuine price and 24 bids on this cover ?

Shill Bidding ?

In past we had seen forgery cover from India, Lithunaia, Mauritius, Great Britain, British India, Nepal, Tibet, etc.

So there are more chances in China cover also.


China stamps Instructions of Mao $15000 per sheet of 20 stamps.!!

Looks like China as only Mao stamps

Do you really think following 1968 China stamp sheet of Mao's Instruction is worth $15000?

We all know that FORGERY in China stamps is only way to collect because it was very hard to collect stamps before 1990 as communist have strong control on people what they should do and there was little communication inside China as well as outside China.

Following are some of the forgery stamps of china which as sold as REPLICA or COPY or REPRINT.

You can buy above forgery stamps and start selling for very very high profit.

Above $15 will get you $3000 - $15000.